Asking the Sacred “Now what?”

In my line of work, my clients encounter many of the same crossroads. I work primarily with people who are in their late 30s, early 40s and into their 50s, and they’re usually in the season of life where they’ve checked all the boxes. The boxes go something like this: finish college, get married, have kids, maybe get divorced, maybe start a business. Once all the boxes have been checked, many times they sit back and think… 

“I’m so overwhelmed, and yet so bored. What should I do now?”

“I’ve done everything that was expected of me, and I still don’t feel the way I was promised to feel” 

“I’ve checked all the boxes, and this life isn’t actually what I want.” 

There is this overarching feeling of somehow they did it wrong, and that maybe there’s something wrong with them. There are all these feelings that might be flooding them: failure, overwhelm, dullness. 

I’ve come to learn that this combination of overwhelm and boredom is actually very common. Many women feel that there’s so much to do, but they don’t want to do any of it. This space- this crossroads- has so much information for those who take the time to  investigate it. Those dull feelings, the overwhelm, the resentment, the feeling of being taken advantage of - all of those feelings we don’t talk about - have the answers to what should be next. Inside Lead From Within, it really is about going from “now what?” to what’s next. 

Here’s the thing: the relationship one has with themself will be there forever. So what we do inside Lead From Within is we make that a comfortable place. Inside Lead From Within is an ever-evolving program that has some absolute core foundations. Clients get to know their human design, Kolbe A Index, standards of integrity, values, and boundaries, to name a few.

The leaders that come in with that question of “what do I do now?” as well as their feelings/emotions help to design Lead From Within from the inside out. We’re always customizing and cultivating our introspective program. We are always discovering and bringing in new language, and defining what success means. The definition of success inside of Lead From Within is to have a foundational feeling that no matter what you do, one is drawing nearer to themselves. When high performers and high achievers are at that sacred crossroads of “now what?”, it is crucial that they lean into that question. They should lean into those feelings because those feelings are the key to unlock what’s next. Many times, women try to bypass them, or dull them by drinking or binging netflix or having an affair. They’re trying to feel something or not feel anything. Either way, they are typically not facing the issue head-on.

Lead From Within helps women come home to themselves. It helps them understand that foundational knowing that they’re no longer at odds with themselves. They become the sacred decision makers of their life, and move forward making decisions with more confidence, clarity, and direction.

So if you are currently in that place where you’re thinking you might have failed - maybe you hate your current job, or are unhappy in your marriage - if you’re at that “now what?” stage and you’re experiencing these feelings of discontent/boredom/irritation, I want to talk to you. Let’s figure out what those emotions really mean. What is your body telling you? You don’t have to abandon yourself. You don’t have to become a radically different person. You get to be the truest version of yourself inside Lead From Within. Message us, and let's talk. 


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