The Key to Solving Confusion

Have you ever said, “I'm just so confused”?

When I speak with new clients, I typically hear a lot of the same issues. One is, “I'm just so confused. I don't know which way to go”. They also come with phrases like, “I just wish I had a crystal ball. I wish I knew which way to go. I wish I had more clarity”. But here’s the thing: before you gain clarity, you have to do something else first.

The secret to unlocking that clarity lies in another word: confusion. What?! How?! Well, keep reading. 

Inside my group program, the Inner Circle, the topic we are talking about right now is clarity. And here's the really awesome/terrible news: clarity begins with confusion. 

Let me give you a metaphor for this:

I was a massage therapist for a dozen years. I had a lot of people that would come in with back pain. They would point to all their painful spots and would say, “it hurts here”. And I would say “Ok. But I'm actually going to work through your abdomen”. And they’d be like, “but it’s not my abdomen that hurts”. I’d then have to explain to them: in massage therapy, you're taught that you go where the pain is, and then you actually go away from the pain to the source. The pain is only one one piece of the puzzle, then you go distally away. And typically that's where the pain is coming from. 

So we do the same thing here. I know that you want clarity. And yet, the one thing people don’t do is sit in their confusion. They’ll do anything to not have to deal with it. They'll do anything to not have to deal with confusion including making stupid mistakes, making decisions that they know are wrong, medicating with alcohol and entertainment and sugar. They’ll do anything to not feel their feelings. 

The key is to first sit in your confusion. Ask yourself the questions: what is making me feel the way that I do? What is coming up for me? What are the emotions that are arising within me? What is the source of these emotions? Don’t write off this feeling, even though it’s uncomfortable. Sorting through these feelings and their source is the first step to achieving clarity. 

How would it feel to have an actual, tangible plan for when confusion shows up? Because it will. It's going to continue. I still go through periods of confusion, and I know that I will for the rest of my life. That's the point- your confusion is for you. And if you want a step by step plan on how to navigate that, get on my calendar. I guarantee you, if you tell me what you're confused about, I'm gonna go distally away from it, and I can tell you the source. It's so fun. If you want that, let's talk.

Your point of power is right now, if you are committed to clarity, you must embrace your confusion. Your confusion is leaving you clues. Your confusion- if you sit with it, you’ll know how to handle it. That's exactly what we do inside Lead From Within. If you are fatigued from being confused, if you're suffering from decision fatigue, because you keep making decisions that aren't actually in alignment with you- get on my teams calendar. Let’s talk.

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