The Three Tenants of When You Lead

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2022

Here at When You Lead, there are three words that guide our work and how we achieve our biggest dreams. These sacred words are CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, & DIRECTION. These three sacred words help carve our paths, and give us all the tools we need to unlocking our greatest goals and desires. 

Let’s break these down:

  1.  Clarity. Have you ever tried swimming in murky water with goggles on? It’s difficult to see anything, let alone which way you’re going. But in crystal clear water, there is no mystery. All the shapes in the water are well-defined, and you can see all the beautiful details that surround you. Having clarity in life and your circumstances allows for the same thing. Ease. Joy. Beauty. When you’re clear about your goals, aspirations, things that bring you joy, and priorities, they are easier to attain and hold onto. 
  2. Confidence. In order to be the best leaders of our lives, we must move and act with confidence. Know that your inner guidance is not steering you wrong. You are making these life decisions from a place of alignment and intuition. By trusting yourself, you can move with bold knowing. A woman with confidence in herself is a powerful force indeed.
  3. Direction. If you have an accurate road map, and know that you want to go from point A to point B, you’re more likely to get there than if you didn’t have a map. Especially if you’ve never traveled that road before (either literal or metaphorical), all you need is a little direction and you’re sure to arrive.  


Women having more confidence, clarity, and direction leads to them truly becoming the sacred decision maker of their lives.

What does it mean to be the “sacred decision maker of your life”? It means you are making aligned decisions, forging the right path for yourself by using the guidance of not only your mind, but your heart too. When you start to make aligned decisions and take action from those decisions, the world changes. And, what is good for you is good for your crew.  And if it's not good for your crew, then we might have a boundary issue. 

Boundaries are another key component to our philosophy here at Lead From Within. You want to have more confidence, clarity and direction? Let's work on your boundaries first. Boundaries are the forces that we employ in order to protect our energy, state of mind, and aspirations. We must protect ourselves from outside forces coming in and messing it all up. No one is going to look out after your state of mind or internal state except for yourself.  First, establish your boundaries, and then the rest will come easily. 


Stay tuned. This month, we're gonna be talking about clarity, and about confusion and how sacred it is. If you are ready to deploy these life-changing techniques, I really want to talk to you. We've got this incredible group of women inside our sacred circle calls who can help you as well. Come and join us.



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