The Easiest Way to Heal Yourself

There's this lie within the personal development/coaching world that once you get all of your ducks in a row, you're never going to have another problem again. Once you have your morning routine down, once you're eating well, once you're meditating regularly - the list goes on. Some people falsely believe that once all these things happen, they’ll never have a problem again. Sorry, but that’s just wrong. That's not life.

Life is about getting to know yourself on a deeper level and accepting yourself exactly as you are right now. Not waiting for when you lose 20 pounds. Not waiting for when you have your workout routine in place. Not waiting for when you get that promotion. It’s about accepting yourself fully in the present moment, without any exceptions.

You want to know how to be your best self, and how to be the best leader? You want to know how to heal your inner wounds? Love yourself as you are right this minute. You want a revolution? You want a sacred rebellion? Love yourself right now, as is without any other contingencies. Just here and now, without limitations. 

That's the first step to healing. If you want to do all of the stuff the gurus tell you to do, okay, but you can probably skip half of it. No one can love you the way you can love you. You want clarity? Go home and love yourself. You want to know the next right action to take, go home and love all of those versions that need you the most. You want to find out what the best step for you to move forward? Go home and listen to those parts that are crying for attention. 

Pay attention to the parts of yourself that are loud - in your heart and your brain. The ones that are saying “I just need help”, “I'm not sure how to love myself”, “I feel fat, invisible, unsuccessful”. Especially the part of yourself that says,”I feel like a fraud”- go love her. And if you need guidance on that, or simple reminders, I can help you. 

Join the amazing group of women inside Lead From Within. But here’s the thing: you’re going to have to be willing to do the homework. Not only will you have to do the homework, but you’ll have to figure out what that homework is. None of the sacred circle members within Lead From Within are going to be doing the same exact homework you will be doing. If you want to be in a community that is not going to give you the step by step prescription that everyone follows, but where you will uncover your own- this is the place for you. You will become your own guru inside Lead From Within.

If you want to come home to yourself for the first time or make peace, heal, accept and revere who you are exactly in this moment, Lead From Within can help you with that. All you have to do is connect with us! Be kind to yourself. Talk to you soon. 



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