Owning Your Obvious

One question I hear a lot when I’m speaking with potential clients goes something like, “what’s wrong with me?” I think that’s such an interesting question. Typically, the reason they’re asking this is because from the outside looking in, it looks like they have everything going for them: the career, the partnership, the home, and everything else that makes a “picture perfect” life. So then why do they feel this way? 

Alternatively, they have so much going on in their jobs, home, and community, that they can’t possibly keep all the balls in the air. So instead of asking “what’s gotta give?” they ask questions like “what’s wrong with me, and why can’t I keep up with everything?” There’s this self-accusation that is rampant amongst high achievers and high performers. Turns out, “what is wrong with me?” is simply the wrong question to be asking. 


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The Easiest Way to Heal Yourself

There's this lie within the personal development/coaching world that once you get all of your ducks in a row, you're never going to have another problem again. Once you have your morning routine down, once you're eating well, once you're meditating regularly - the list goes on. Some people falsely believe that once all these things happen, they’ll never have a problem again. Sorry, but that’s just wrong. That's not life.

Life is about getting to know yourself on a deeper level and accepting yourself exactly as you are right now. Not waiting for when you lose 20 pounds. Not waiting for when you have your workout routine in place. Not waiting for when you get that promotion. It’s about accepting yourself fully in the present moment, without any exceptions.

You want to know how to be your best self, and how to be the best leader? You want to know how to heal your inner wounds? Love yourself as you are right this minute. You want a revolution? You want a sacred...

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