Exploring "Should"

Today we're talking about ever present "shoulds."

Last week, we had a sabbatical week here at When You Lead and it was one of the most profound breaks that I have ever had. The amount of purging that we did as a family, the amount of emotional release that I did personally, the amount of clarity that has come in from my business...phenomenal.

It was a really great reminder for me to take intentional breaks. It was really a great reminder that I want and crave that creative time. I get up between 4:30 and 5 am every day. That is a sacred sacred time.

I have not always been this way. I was an absolute night owl growing up and through college. This is beautiful quiet time in the morning, before my phone is on, before anyone is up in my home. It's a really saturated energy. And part of what I do during this morning spaciousness is I write. I write a lot. Some of what I write is in a gratitude journal.  This works for me and I love it.

Now, you have probably been told that you should have a gratitude journal. And you may have had a little tinge of guilt when I just said I keep one. I am not going to tell you that. I call BS. I am done with the shoulds and you don't have to have a gratitude journal if you don't want to. 

There are a lot of trends that are becoming status quo inside of the spiritual community.

Tell me if you've heard these:

  • You should get up at five in the morning
  • You should have a gratitude journal
  • You should drink water
  • You should eat organically
  • You should workout
  • You should never have negative thoughts

Where do these shoulds even come from?! Where does the status quo come from? So often these shoulds  are running our lives and we have no idea where they originated.

We're headed into the New Year. This is a dicey time for the women in my community. This is a dicey time for women in general. As females, we are most often the keeper of the traditions.  You have the weight of everyone's memories and "good time" on your shoulders.

Ditch it.  Ditch the shoulds. Screw them, we're not doing them.

Anybody else DONE with feeling like you woke up and you're somehow wrong? Feeling guilty? We're not doing that anymore! I will argue that most women are not actually feeling guilt, but they're feeling shame.

Guilt is "I did something wrong." Shame is "I am wrong." Guilt and shame are invitations for further exploration. You are in no way wrong. You are on the RIGHT path.

You are both human and divine, a hybrid. Beautiful.

If you want to remember your own beauty, let's connect.


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