How to Best Deal with Imposter Syndrome

Let's talk about imposter syndrome, shall we? This topic has been showing itself so much inside of Lead From Within recently. I find something so fascinating about impostor syndrome and its symptoms. What are the common symptoms?: 1) You feel like a phony. You feel like if someone were to find out who you actually are, they'd reject you. 2) You feel like there's no possible way that you are qualified for the position that you're in. Maybe you don’t feel good enough for your partner, or you might feel like you’re a terrible mom. Sound familiar? 


It feels like there's an imposter syndrome pandemic (too soon to use that trigger word?). So many incredible, high-achieving women are doubting themselves rather than celebrating their achievements in life. I’ve seen so many amazing women get derailed from their path because they let imposter syndrome take the wheel. The problem is, imposter syndrome makes women doubt their capabilities and let fear control their...

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