Episode 4: Assessment Overload!

Season #1

Are you an assessment fanatic like me?!

If you know your Clifton Strengths, your Enneagram and your Myers Briggs, but have no idea what to do with all this information, then this episode is for you.

An assessment can tell you a lot about yourself, but in this episode, I talk about the STRATEGY behind having all of this information, and introduce you to a tool that can help you claim the one thing you won’t get back…TIME.

In this episode I also share:

  •  The definition of an assessment and what it measures
  •  The benefits of knowing your Kolbe score and how it can affect your relationship with others
  •  How using tools like the Kolbe can help people connect with themselves, their own style of leadership, their strengths, and their own life

I cannot wait to find out what your Kolbe score is! I’m a 5672. You?

About Heidi Metro

I'm Heidi Metro ("Mee-tro"), Visionary & CEO of When You Lead. I'm really glad you're here.

If you're reading this, you're someone who's ambitious AND has a soft heart. Who feels deeply AND kicks ass. Who has a desire to feel, love, heal AND a desire to LEAD.

And you may FEEL lonely. Like it's not possible. Like it doesn't really matter.


Our team is proof positive that you can LEAD in an UPDATED WAY! We WALK OUR TALK every single day.

The world needs you to lead. To CO-LEAD with others like you. Like us. Not tomorrow. Not when you've got it all figured out.

Right. Now.

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