That’s why it's CRUCIAL that you learn to MAKE PEACE WITH DISAPPOINTMENT!

 To finally put yourself first

To reframe disappointment

To claim your time

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What’s the first thing that you feel when you read the title for this class? 


Does it make you a bit uncomfortable?


Did you chuckle?

That’s intentional.


And this class is for you if ...

  • you’re constantly doing your very best to avoid disappointing everyone in your life…
  • you’re tired of feeling like you are disappointing them…
  • or you are perpetually disappointed by other people…

I'm Heidi Metro, Founder and CEO of When You Lead: Coaching & Consulting.


We have a BIG Goal to help 1,000 leaders a MONTH MAKE PEACE with disappointment.

Because when leaders get out of this trap they have the availability and spaciousness to live in harmony and congruence with their purpose, their values, and their boundaries.

And the world will change.

Will you help us?

Take this class, share it with your friends, share it with your coworkers, share it with your family members, and let's go!

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