I know, I know! 

You're saying..."Heidi, what does Disappointment have to do with Leadership?"

Come and join me while I connect the dots about MAKING PEACE WITH DISAPPOINMENT and how it will give you more TIME, ENERGY, FREEDOM to Lead Consciously.


You'll learn the THREE STEP REFRAME and have a repeatable skill that you can use over and over again. 



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This class is for you if you're...

  • CONSTANTLY¬†doing your very best to AVOID disappointing everyone in your life

  • TIRED of feeling like you are disappointing THEM

  • PERPETUALLY disappointed by other people

  • Feeling like you're responsible for ALL of the INVISIBLE & ESSENTIAL tasks that nobody else sees

I'm Heidi Metro, Founder and CEO of When You Lead: Coaching & Consulting.


We have a BIG Goal to help 1,000 leaders a MONTH MAKE PEACE with disappointment.

Because when leaders get out of this trap, they INCREASE THEIR CAPACITY & SPACIOUSNESS to live in harmony and congruence with their PURPOSE, VALUES, & BOUNDARIES..

And the world will change.

Will you help us?

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