Powerful Women Make the World Go Round. 

And successful women often feel lonely and isolated. 

It's time to get the connection you desire and deserve.


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Hey! Heidi Metro here!

Oh my friend, I get it! You look great on paper. You're making six-figures, you have your sh*t together, you have achieved the success you set out for.

All the boxes are checked.

  • *Education. Check.
  • *Relationship. (And maybe the end to one) Check.
  • *Kiddos (2 or 4 legged) Check.
  • *Promotion. Check.
  • *Midlife crisis. (Or is it peri showing up?) Check.


This is what we call the Sacred Crossroads. That tricky place of "What do I do now? I have what I always wanted but it doesn't FEEL the way it supposed to."

Success can be LONELY. The PRESSURE can be OPPRESSIVE! You may feel like you can't change anything right now because you've hit your milestones and you don't want everything to fall apart.

You've got PLATINUM HANDCUFFS on and you're not sure how to break free!

To the outside world, you've got it all. And you really do.

But it feels like something's still missing, and you just can't shake it. 

It feels like time is running out.

But you need to know that you are RIGHT on time.

It's time to ditch this "independent woman" BS that's designed to keep us separate and powerless.

There IS more to life than this. 

Let me guide you to your biggest source of knowledge...YOU!

I'll teach you the Mindset, Toolset, and Skillsets required to make change TODAY. No more decision fatigue. Not on my watch.

Connect with Heidi

Here's what my clients say:

 "Working with Heidi has allowed me to identify my light and align with my values. That is one of the most profound gifts I've gained and has become the foundation for what's next."
-Catherine David


 "I've become so much more of MYSELF with this program!"
- Molly Arnold
"The retreat was truly 5 star. I LOVED meeting everyone. I loved the deep conversations that I had, and I am looking forward to our calls!"
- Cheryl Jannusch
 "I was a complete newbie to retreats. I'd never been alone or in a group. The retreat allowed me a time for peacefulness, and I was shown areas of myself that I'd like to explore more intentionally."
- Amanda Hinkkanen

"I recognized that I am very good at supporting myself, however was not as good at allowing others to support me.  This is why I joined the coaching group was to begin practicing allowing myself to be supported.  What I received was exponentially beyond what I had envisioned.  

I experienced the reflection of myself back from others in ways I was not expecting.  This in turn, encouraged me to be more authentically me, more unapologetically me with others.  As I have practiced being more open with others it has expanded the circle of support.  I envision this as ever-widening circles or ripples in the world."

- Roxanne Hupp

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