Say NO! with Ease: The Masterclass

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The space/freedom/time you desire is on the other side of a tiny word. NO. Come and learn HOW to say NO so you can FINALLY say YES to yourself.

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**Let me spoil the ending...

You're gonna feel weird.


And they are more than likely going to be upset/disappointed/put out. 


Let me also remind you, that you ALREADY feel some sort of way about always being the one to DO IT ALL, and TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM.




I know you. I was you. I'm still dancing with No. 


And my dear friend, you're at a season of your life where you can do this. You absolutely CAN do this. Let me teach you HOW. 



Heidi Metro is the CEO of When You Lead: Coaching & Consulting, a community on fire for empowering leaders and professionals to embody BIG BOLD BOUNDARIES!

Basically that means you get to move forward from that stuck place of "NOT THAT!" & "NOW WHAT?"

It's time. Let's go!