Take Up Your Sacred Space: The Masterclass

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When women do not tend to themselves, no one else does either.

It’s imperative that YOU know HOW to take up sacred space in your life so that you can create a life that fulfills you!

Here's a secret...it begins in an unlikely place...DISAPPOINTMENT! 

Watch the replay as I blow the lid off of why this is GREAT NEWS!

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When you take up sacred space, you send a powerful message to the world.

 That you’re here. You matter. You make a difference.

That you’re whole. You’re valuable. You’re worthy.

Every part of you is sacred, friend.


But...oftentimes we play small. Stay quiet. Keep the peace...

 Because we're afraid. Overwhelmed. Riddled with guilt and feelings of failure or imposter syndrome. 


I. Got. You. We got this!


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Heidi Metro is the CEO of When You Lead: Coaching & Consulting, a community on fire for empowering leaders and professionals to embody BIG BOLD BOUNDARIES!

Basically that means you get to move forward from that stuck place of "NOT THAT!" & "NOW WHAT?"

It's time. Let's go!