The Updated Leadership Inner Circle is OPEN!

The soul-affirming mastermind is where high-achievers come to learn how to stand in their power and LEAD with Clarity, Confidence, and Direction.

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When women feel support, the world changes.


Your time is NOW.

 You are a high-achiever. A deep-feeler. 
You, my friend, are a natural-born LEADER. 

And right now, you have more responsibility than time.

And yet, for all you've accomplished, it feels like you're still falling behind.

You might not see it right now, but you are more than your career, more than your ambitions, and even MORE than everything you've accomplished up until now.

It seems like everyone else has something figured out that you don't, and figuring out what that is or what to do about it feels completely overwhelming.

But no one would be the wiser by looking at you.

On paper, you've got it all. And you really do.


But it feels like something's still missing, and you just can't shake it. 

It feels like time is running out.

And I'm here to tell you:

You are RIGHT on time.

It's time to ditch this "independent woman" BS that's designed to keep us separate and powerless.

There IS more to life than this.


You are PLENTY. (Ever notice how being told you're enough never actually makes you FEEL like you're enough?)

We have good news for you...

You GET to choose. You get to rest in your plentitude.

But there is a BETTER way to choose. One that feels more skilled, more stable, more like your most favorite version of yourself.


It's time to gently and skillfully shift from feeling overwhelmed and behind so you can start feeling satisfied, fulfilled and PROUD of the life you've created...

A life of your choosing.


This is it, my friend. 

The Updated Leadership INNER CIRCLE is where it ALL comes together.

If you feel like you're at a sacred crossroads...

If you're faced with really important life decisions, career decisions, or family decisions...

If you don't feel like you ever have time and everything feels urgent...

The INNER CIRCLE is the place for you to learn the Mindset, Toolset, and Skillset to navigate your life on your terms. 


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 What is The Updated Leadership Inner Circle?

The Updated Leadership INNER CIRCLE is a 6-month, intimate mastermind designed to teach, inspire, and create an ecosystem of accountability where high-achievers LEAD their lives with clarity, confidence and direction.

This year I'm joined by certified Life and Leadership Coach, Carly Clark Zimmer.

Carly is one of the best coaches I know and one of the safest people I know.  

This matters because it's only in safe environments that true change can happen. 

You can remove your masks.

And finally, get connected to your true expression.

Carly will join us to provide personal coaching for our intimate community. 


Overview of the INNER CIRCLE:

  • 6-Months of high-level, high-touch support within a community of women leaders who, together, are learning AND IMPLEMENTING Updated Leadership tools and skills 
  • Coaching with BOTH Heidi & Carly who combined have taken thousands of hours of training, courses, certifications, and are COMMITTED to synthesizing their vast knowledge and emotional intelligence to truly hold space with care, intention, and great skill
  • 3 Group Coaching Calls PER MONTH so that you can learn, laugh, cry, be seen and heard within the safety of our Inner Circle. Calls are on Thursdays at 11 am Central, starting on May 9th
  • An Integration Week so you can digest and truly deepen the work of Inner Leadership
  • Kolbe and/or Human Design Deep Dive so that you have the information to help you connect deeply with yourself.
  • Full Membership in our Updated Leadership Community with access to a complete library of foundational trainings, methods and exercises so you have everything you need to lead with clarity, confidence and direction.


Plus our In-Person Retreat! 

  • Our Annual In-person Retreat where you will gather in person with this incredible group of people and truly integrate, receive, and commune with yourself, one another, and nature. Oct 13th-16th at Arc Retreat Community: 1 hour outside Minneapolis.

Here's what Inner Circle members have had to say!

 "It's been comforting being with like-minded women and having the benefit of their grace and their ideas and SHARING that. The community of it!"
- Mary Pat Curran
 "Working with Heidi has allowed me to identify my light and align with my values. That is one of the most profound gifts I've gained and has become the foundation for what's next."
-Catherine David


 "I've become so much more of MYSELF with this program!"
- Molly Arnold
"The retreat was truly 5 star. I LOVED meeting everyone. I loved the deep conversations that I had, and I am looking forward to our calls!"
- Cheryl Jannusch
 "I was a complete newbie to retreats. I'd never been alone or in a group. The retreat allowed me a time for peacefulness, and I was shown areas of myself that I'd like to explore more intentionally."
- Amanda Hinkkanen

"I recognized that I am very good at supporting myself, however was not as good at allowing others to support me.  This is why I joined the coaching group was to begin practicing allowing myself to be supported.  What I received was exponentially beyond what I had envisioned.  

I experienced the reflection of myself back from others in ways I was not expecting.  This in turn, encouraged me to be more authentically me, more unapologetically me with others.  As I have practiced being more open with others it has expanded the circle of support.  I envision this as ever-widening circles or ripples in the world."

- Roxanne Hupp

Client Spotlight: Elizabeth Odegaard


Client Spotlight: Victoria Newman


Retreat Spotlight: Theresa Babylon


Ready to RECEIVE, my friend?

We have a curated space where ALL of you is welcome.

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The Circle is open... Will you join us?


We look forward to welcoming you!

Heidi and Carly 

Space is limited to 10 people Max. Our intention is to keep this group small and intimate. Once we reach 10 people, the circle will be closed.